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2024 NRCHA Stallion Stakes

Non Pro Bridle Spectacular

video of Helomynamesjohnycash go >>>

JPH fb post April 8
JPH had a great day of horse showing yesterday. So excited to say Tammy and Helomynamesjohnycash was Res Non Pro Bridle Spectacular Champion. Cara showed 3 out of the herd and all were great. Her high score was RBS Rebelicious owned by Karen Haugland marking a 217.5, One Time With Stevie a 215.5 and RBS Playing Nurse was 212.5. Great Day. Today the herd work continues.

2024 C-N 14th Annual CA Futurity

Deb Mann fb post – March 25
My wish to be 2 places at once came true, Tammy Johnston! You brought both my worlds together bringing this awesome new star to the C-N 14th Annual CA Futurity! I was SO proud of you!

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