Team JPH Assistants

Meet Team JPH’s Awesome Assistants

2021 champs
Cara Hencratt, Lance Johnston, Amber Johnson

Cara Hencratt, Amber Johnson, Sara Sheridan = JPH’s awesome assistants. These 3 are the hardest working, most talented, greatest young women we could have ever dreamed of having as part of our JPH team. Without them JPH would not be the success we are. Thank you girls.

Cara Hencratt

Cara is hard working, very sassy, extremely talented and an amazing young lady. She is an awesome JPH assistant! She grew up in Red Bluff, CA and graduated from Montana State in 2019 with a degree in Sustainable Food and Bioenergy with a minor in Environmental Horticulture.

Cara’s Titles

Amber Johnson

Amber Johnson is a JPH assistant trainer that is also very talented, hard working and an amazing young lady. Amber has worked behind the scenes helping Lance prepare his horses for the show pen.

Amber’s Titles

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