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2023 NRCHA Stallion Stakes Open Bridle Spectacular

Annies Smart CAt

NRCHA fb post – March 31
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Today at the Teton Ridge Stallion Stakes, the Open Bridle Spectacular, Open Bridle, and all divisions completed the Cow Work portion of the competition, and three new champions were crowned.

The Open Bridle Spectacular was won by Annies Smart Cat and Lance Johnston for owner Rocking BS Ranch. The pair marked a total score of 659.5 (H: 219/R: 216.5/C: 224).

video of Annies Smart Cat
2023 NRCHA Stallion Stakes (Cow, Open Bridle Spec)

JPH fb post – March 31
Great night here at the NRCHA Stallion Stakes. We finished off the week with Lance and Annies Smart Cat winning not only the NRCHA Bridle Spectacular but also qualifying for the Run For A Million in Las Vegas in August. Congratulations to Rocking BS Ranch

2023 NRCHA World Show Open Bridle

annies smart cat
Annies Smart Cat

Rocking BS fb post – Feb 21, 2023
Yesterday was a great day in the cow horse pen at the National Reined Cow Horse Association Celebration of Champions ~ Annies Smart Cat (WR This Cats Smart x Shiney NU Annie), brought home the title of Open Bridle World Champion. It was a year ago at this same show, he won the coveted Open Hackamore Championship. Wilber as we call him is trained and shown by Lance of Johnston Performance Horses.

Wagonhound Land & Livestock fb post – Feb 20, 2023
They saved the best for last! Our hats are off to Lance Johnston & Annies Smart Cat, sired by WR THIS CATS SMART. This is not the first time this exceptional pair has brought home the Open Bridle Champion title at the National Reined Cow Horse Association Kalpowar Celebration of Champions event. Congratulations, on your 2023 win!

2023 NRCHA World Show Open Hackamore

Lil Starlight Cat
Lil Starlight Cat

JPH fb post – Feb 20, 2023
THEY DID IT AGAIN. NRCHA OPEN HACKAMORE WORLD SHOW CHAMPIONS. Congratulations to Lance and Lil Starlight Cat (High Brow Cat x Lil Foxie Starlight x Grays Starlight) winning for owners Karen and Ken Haugland.

Karen Haugland – fb post Feb 21, 2023
Someone pinch me! I’m so proud of Lance Johnston (Johnston Performance Horses) and my boy β€œTeddy”, Lil Starlight Cat – High Brow Cat x Lil Foxie Starlight. NRCHA World Open Hackamore Champion! Thank you Lance, Tammy Johnston, Amber Johnson, Cara Hencratt and Sara Sheridan of JPH!

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